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- Jun-yong Choi
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Special Bohyang Tea

Bohyangtea, Co., Ltd

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Having plenty of fog and humidity, the city of Boseong in South Korea enjoys the perfect weather conditions for cultivating green tea.
Bohyang Tea Farm, located in the scenic hills of Boseong, is run by Yeong gi Choi and his wife, Woo Jung Choi.
They’ve spent over 20 years growing organic green tea.
They’ve not only carried out research on locally grown tea plants, but they’ve also collected a lot of valuable information about green tea in their travels to many countries all over the world.
As a result of their countless efforts to develop superb teas, they have succeeded in producing their own specially named Bohyang Tea
and the aptly named Gold Tea. Both teas are the first to obtain organic certification for fermented teas in Korea.
Not using chemical fertilizers or pesticides to grow their teas, Bohyang Tea Farm earned Organic Certification and Quality Certification,
from National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (NAQS), and International Organic Certification from the United States (USDA),
Japan(JAS) and Europe(EU).




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